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The packaging concept was developed together with and for the brand Lékué. The aim was to develop an unconventional, more sustainable packaging particularly for the growing e-commerce, while also providing a special experience to the customer. Compared to traditional packaging the new concept saves a lot of material and space, while keeping all important characteristics such as durability and protection.

The packaging consists of a thermomoulded polypropylene shell which protects the “Kit to Go” products during the shipping from company to customer. After fulfilling its delivery purpose, the packaging can be reused by the owner to carry the products and the lunch. 

The innovative packaging solution merges the original primary and secondary layer of packaging into one. The shell shaped around the products creates an interesting look and provides the necessary protection. It also prevents the products from moving around without the need of any additional inlay or padding. The closing system consists of four pressure points which snap into each other when the packaging is closed. For additional reinforcement both halves have an interlocking brim. A flyer with all legal information of the products is included inside of the packaging. The sticker with delivery details which is needed for shipping can be placed on the flattened surface on the front of the packaging shell. While shipping the embossed logo is hidden underneath the sticker and appears when the customer removes the paper. 

Recycled polyproplene is used to ensure sustainability. It offers a long lifecycle and many reuses. The production as a single material package ensures an easy recycling process.

Project with

Tomás González, Eva Icardo, Núria Radresa

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