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Many people tend to stay within their usual social circles. The mobile kitchen “KUK” (“komm und koch”/ “come and cook”) creates a place and opportunities for encounters and exchange at equal level, in a cultural as well as culinary context. 

People from different cultures get to know and appreciate each other. They cook, eat, and laugh together. The free offer allows everyone to participate and also supports the integration of refugees and socially disadvantaged people.



Project with

Amelie Perzlmaier, Lou-Anne Gellert, Leon Bucher



The KUK concept consists of a kitchen trailer and a van, between which a tent is pitched during the complete set-up. Together they can function completely self-sufficiently at different locations. While the trailer stays in one place for several days at a time, the van remains mobile and is only temporarily integrated into the set-up, which enables to provide an independent continuous supply of water and electricity. 
Since mobility plays a particularly important role in the concept, the trailer is equipped with an extendable tubular construction that allows the tent to be setup comfortably and fast. To ensure a stable tent construction with as few anchors in the ground as possible, the transporter is integrated as a static element during the events in addition to the trailer. For this purpose, it has a matching counterpart to the tubular construction of the trailer. 



The trailer offers a fully equipped kitchen with large countertops, which provide enough space for several people to cook, as well as lots of storage for ingredients or utensils. To ensure safety at night, the trailer can be securely closed with the help of the side-mounted flaps. When locked, the four tables serve as lids to close the trailer from above. 



The modified van offers a divided storage system, which allows the separation into an area that is accessible to the participants and an area that is only accessible to the team.  
The rear section, accessible via the back doors, contains all the things needed for the set-up, as well as the infrastructure required for water and electricity. For the cooking utensils and ingredients needed during the event, there is sufficient storage space in the front part of the van, which is accessible through the side door.The open storage, which is also clearly visible from the outside, should enable all participants to find the required utensils and ingredients quickly and independently.


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